Lotus Cheesecake

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    The origin of cheesecake is not well-documented, but it is believed to have been created by the ancient Greeks in the 7th century BC. The earliest known cheesecake recipe was written on a clay tablet in ancient Greece and was made with a combination of cheese, wheat, and honey.

    The Roman Empire also had a version of cheesecake, which was made with a mixture of cheese, wheat, and eggs. The Roman version of cheesecake was considered a delicacy and was often served to guests at special occasions.

    Throughout history, cheesecake has evolved and variations of the dessert have been created in different regions. The traditional American cheesecake, which is made with cream cheese, sugar, and eggs and is often served with a graham cracker crust, has been popularized in the 20th century. Other variations include the Italian Ricotta cheesecake, the French cheesecake known as "fromage blanc" and the Japanese Cheesecake, which is known for its light and fluffy texture.

    Today, cheesecake is enjoyed all over the world and can be found in many different flavors, textures, and styles.