Nutella Italian Doughnuts

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The origin of doughnuts can be traced back to the early 19th century, with the first known reference to the dessert appearing in an 1803 cookbook. The early doughnuts were a simple fried mixture of dough, often made with flour, sugar, and eggs, and sometimes flavored with spices like nutmeg or cinnamon. They were typically shaped into a ring to resemble a ball with a hole in the center, which made them easier to cook evenly.

The modern doughnut as we know it today, is said to have been created by a sailor named Hanson Gregory in 1847. He was frustrated with the raw center of the fried dough balls he was eating on his ship, so he punched a hole in the center to make them cook more evenly. This is how the doughnut got its signature shape.

Doughnuts were brought to America by Dutch settlers in the early 19th century, where they became a popular street food and a staple of the American diet. In the 20th century, doughnuts became a mass-produced food and many variations of the recipe were created, such as jelly-filled, powdered sugar-coated and glazed doughnuts.

Nowadays, doughnuts can be found in many different flavors, fillings, and toppings, and are enjoyed by people all over the world. They are considered a popular breakfast food and sweet treat, often consumed with coffee or tea.