Tres Leches cake (milk cake)

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    Ingredients : Evaporated milk, sweetened milk , whipping cream , all-purpose flour , baking powder, eggs ,sugar , vanilla extract , salt

    Once upon a time, in a small village nestled in the heart of Mexico, there lived a young girl named Maria. Maria loved to bake , and she spent all her free time experimenting with new recipes and flavors in her kitchen

    One day, Maria heard about a competition that was being held in the nearby town to find the best Tres leches cake. Maria knew this was her chance to showcase her baking skills, and she set to work creating the perfect recipe.

    She spent weeks experimenting with different types of milk and flavors, trying to find the perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess. Finally , she found the perfect recipe and began baking Tres leches cake.

    The day of the competition arrived , and Maria was filled with nerves as she presented her cake to the judges. But as soon as they took a bite , they knew they had found the winner. The sponge cake was perfectly moist and the three milks had infused the cake with a rich , sweet flavor that was unlike anything they had ever tasted before.

    Maria was declared the winner of the competition, and ger Tres leches cake became famous throughout the village and beyond. People came from far and wide to taste her delicious creation , and Maria's bakery became the most popular in the village.

    Years passed, and Maria's Tres leches cake became a family tradition , passed down from generation to generation. And to this day, it is still remembered as the best Tres leches cake in the land.